Thursday, August 9, 2007

Der Clobbermeister

So I skipped few days. Got some pretty urgent deadlines to tend to this week. Here's a quick sketch of something I was working on in my book yesterday. I've always loved the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. One of my favorites is the story of the Six Soldiers of Fortune. Read it. Nifty, imaginative tale, and Terry Gilliam made and equally wonderful film revolving around a similar storyline (The Adventures of Baron Munchausen). Anyways, I recently pondered the possibility of revisiting this as a picture book of sorts, yet in my own twisted, crushed, minced, and blown-up way. This character "Der Clobbermeister" would more than likely play the part of the Strong Man. Of course my version is a wild little red-haired girl at the helm of a frightfully powerful steam-powered behemoth. Exciting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

back in action

last week was a doozy, lots of different things going on at once; helping my fiancee move, a wedding for a friend, and IN a wedding for one of my very best friends... so both you and i missed out on some painting time. Well I'm back and here's the newest 40min sketch. I like this idea of some wretched, twisted tree being used by witch-like figures as some source of power. Might do a big one of this in the future. Maybe the same composition, or possibly going bonkers and making in some action scene where the warrior figures are trying to claim the witching-tree for themselves. And no, the dimensions aren't 6x9. I intentionally wanted this to be more cinematic, so its around 5x9.75.