Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thirty-Year-Old Mulberry Field

Here is a link to a page I commissioned to give the imagery from my graduate exhibition a place to inhabit on the web.

Definitely a different environment than a "white box". I worked with my designer to give you two experiences. The one (archive) will give you images of the work in a preset order for easier viewing. The other (exhibition) will hopefully give you an experience that connotes the heart of the body of work. The page containing my "artist's statement" may not be up yet, so I have pasted it below:

Through people watching and self-reflection, I found breakdowns in our social interactions. I saw verbal and non-verbal exchanges being made without either party giving pursuit to clarity or resolve of any possible misunderstanding. I could take half an hour to write a two-line email, quadruple checking for any potential ambiguities in my word choices, and still receive a frustrated reply from a reader that saw my email as hostile or passive aggressive.  Even the simple matter of eye contact while conversing could be seen as engagement, desire, or hostility. I saw us coming to our social experiences with highly unique, undisclosed indexes of perceptions that contributed to these unresolvable breakdowns between intention and meaning.  This created a difficult limbo between community and isolation, between an inner and outer self, where we seemed to have a desire to seek out company, but more often than not sought refuge in shallow personal disclosure and self-reliance.  This body of work is intended to embody that difficult limbo as a response to our social fumbling through my visual language.

Hope you enjoy the experience. 
As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I will do my best to respond as my time allows. Cheers.