Monday, July 2, 2007


So this was actually from a few days ago (for anyone actually deciding to tune in to this programme). I'll be posting the new ones soon.
I'm starting the habit of making digital sketches, roughs, whatever y' wanna call 'em as I'm getting ready for bed. The goal is to eventually be able to develop a fast and accurate system of painting so that any freelance work could be done in record speed. The more specific goal is making a fairly "finished" 6"x9" painting within the alotted time for a "goodnight"--40min. Once I'm able to save for PainterX, results should be a bit faster and more complete.
If you're an artist, I dare you to give it a go, with any medium. 40min. a day, that's all. At the very least it will ensure that you're drawing everyday, LIKE YOU SHOULD BE! If you don't work any harder, you won't get any better.

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Mahesh Bhat said...

Nice. I like the mood created by the texture. :)

Looking forward for more.