Friday, January 9, 2009

the PAWN

I'm working on developing a new painting system, at least for me, where oils are layered on top of water colors. Normally I don't know if this even chemically works, but with the magic of fixative and matte medium, boom! Oils on water. Then I add digital paint to refine detail and alter color tone. Here's a little one I did of a PAWN in a series I'm working on where the units in chess are woodland/field critters caught in a gritty world war. The orange-tinted one is the oils on water color (actually its ink this time around), the grey one is the final with digital paint.


Talltrumpet said...


A NEW POST! *'&@*!#&@#!


Talltrumpet said...

I like the orange-ish color in the green of his overcoat in the original--makes it feel sorta WWI vintage. The finished product feels better as a whole but I'm curious what the little beehive on his head is...or is it a hat? Pile of poo? Magic alien repeller hat? ;)