Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Had some time to post today. On another film, so time is a true rarity...Here are the published images I did for Wizards of the Coast this past year. The Cockatrice was for their latest Monster Manual released awhile back. The other three were for the Eberron Campaign Guide that was recently released. I did two other paintings for Wizards that didn't show up in the books, so I can't show them to you yet, in case they use them later on; but in the meantime enjoy these. They were great to work for. I'm hoping to make some time to drum up some "client specific" portfolios, one of which would be a Wizards style related collection; a handful of images that are my take on their IP. All images and concepts are property of Wizards of the Coast.(And yes the Rakshasa Tiger Demon's hands are supposed to be reversed...and you thought I goofed)

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Iknewthisguy said...

Brian, I am constantly astonished by your talent. Hope all is going well.