Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back again

So I've been working on samples for potential clients here and there, and whilst on this quest for green pieces of paper with which to buy food, I decided to "re-work" some pieces into a different color format.
I added a few adjustment layers to make them look antiqued, like they may have been shot with a polaroid. Now granted-this effect would have more impact on more realistic paintings, but I do kind of like the final color schemes. More new stuff, and maybe a new website soon--I hope.
--Oh, and the piece that got into the upcoming Spectrum is my "Shadow Over Innsmouth" (the drowning man) piece-the original from a couple posts ago, not the color altered one here. Hope it turns out proper, I have a habit of being disappointed in the printed results of my work, even when properly calibrated. Fingers crossed I guess!

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